About King House Removals

Oldest house removal firm a new family business

King House Removals was the longest running house removal company in the South Island when Fred Willis started working for the firm in 1962.  A year later, Fred and his wife Jenny bought the company with an eye on setting up a family business for the future.

Now, with sons Warren and Grant on board, and a great team of highly skilled workers, the company has continued its longstanding tradition of providing expert house moving and heavy haulage throughout the South Island.

Innovative design revolutionises lifting and steering trailers

In 1977 King House Removals designed and built their own specialised hydraulic lifting and steering trailer, after being told by a trailer manufacturer it couldn't be done.

The descendants of this ground breaking design are now considered crucial items of equipment for any reputable heavy haulage and house removal company, not only in New Zealand, but Australia and USA.

Experts in all areas of house removal and heavy haulage

King House Removals has invested in the latest technology and equipment to cope with any project, including highly complicated heavy haulage jobs like the transportation of over-dimension loads, navigating over, around, under or through narrow roads, overpasses, bridges and powerlines.

With over 100 years combined experience, the team at King House Removals know all there is to know about their trade.  From granny flats to the most difficult two-storey structures, there is nothing they cannot lift, shift, manoeuvre or relocate.

As well as building removal, the company is experienced in specialised house lifts for repairing pile and concrete foundations and resetting onto basement or garage additions. 

Your success when shifting a house depends on experience

King House Removals follows a detailed set of safety procedures and operating protocols to ensure each move is a success. As a longstanding member of the New Zealand Heavy Haulage Association, King House Removals has earned the respect of its peers and a reputation for excellence within the heavy haulage and house removal industry.

At the 2007 New Zealand Heavy Haulage Conference, Fred was awarded the prestigious Gus Breen Memorial award for his outstanding contribution to the heavy haulage industry.

Get advice from the right people

Avoid costly mistakes

The experienced team at King House Removals can advise you on what to expect and what to look for when planning your relocation project.  

Want to gain extra space or make extensions?

King House Removals can place houses onto basements for the addition of a garage or games room.  We can also advise you on the viability of placing adjoining buildings for lateral extensions.  Ask us about house lifts for renovation projects, including repiling and under-floor insulation.

For the right advice on your relocation project, contact us

Terms and Conditions

1.      The Contractor (King House Removals). The contractor agrees to perform the quoted contract works is accordance with accepted industry standards and / or as stated in the quotation. The customer is defined as the person or organisation responsible for payment for the services supplied by the contractor.

2.     Execution. The contract is deemed to be executed on the customers signed acceptance of the quotation.

3.     Amendments. The Contractor reserves the right to change the methodology of the job due to safety reasons. Amendments to the contract specifications and price will be made in writing and agreed upon by both parties (contractor and customer).

4.     Variations. Any unforeseen work or changes to the quoted work will be treated as a variation and quoted separately. Written approval / acceptance of the quoted variation is required before work will commence.

5.     Payment. The contractor / customer will agree on a payment schedule. This will be via invoices for progress payments or on the completion of a job. A deposit may be required before work commences.  Payments to be made within 7 working days unless otherwise agreed. 

     Ownership of goods remains with King House Removals and does not pass to the purchaser until all amounts owing are paid.

6.     Default in payment. Interest of 1.75% per month will be charged on overdue balances along with any fees from debt collection agencies or other legal agencies used to recover the debt.

7.     Services. The disconnection, identification, isolation, protection, relocation, capping, support, repairing and / or diversion of existing services are NOT included in the quoted price unless otherwise stated.

8.     Expiry of Quotation. All quotations expire three (3) months from the date of quotation, the Contractor reserves the right to withdraw and re-price work, unless otherwise agreed in writing as a part of the original quotation.

9.     Access. The customer accepts that in order to access and carry out work specified in the contract, damage could be caused to lawns, driveways and paths by heavy machinery. The contractor will take reasonable care to prevent such damage, but will not accept liability for damage caused.

10.  Conditions. These conditions are additional to those described in the quotation.