Foundation Repairs

King House Removals has the latest in jacking systems to lift houses to three metres for full foundation repairs. We bring years of experience to the job, with over 7000 houses moved and thousands of houses lifted. A family-owned business, we operate from Invercargill and Christchurch and are well experienced at lifting and levelling foundations for all types of buildings.

Uneven floors? It’s not unusual to find that the floor is not level. Reasons could include:

  • Rotten or deteriorated timber piles
  • Missing piles or bearers (that may have been removed during previous alterations)
  • Soft ground conditions that have caused the house to sink or become out of level
  • Earthquake damage has caused the house or piles to move

Whatever the reason, let the team at King House Removals take care of your foundation repair. With the latest in jacking systems, King House Removals have a highly skilled team who can handle all types of high lifts to allow your foundation repair to be carried out safely and accurately.


This is the most effective way to correct a floor that is out of level. The building is jacked up with complete accuracy, from there, the piles or damaged subfloor can then be replaced to hold the building in the level position.


Rotted timber piles can be replaced with H5 treated timber piles. When repiling, it may be necessary to also install earthquake bracing to ensure the home has adequate foundation bracing.

Full Foundation Replacement

A full foundation replacement may be necessary. Especially in older, unreinforced foundations. For full foundation replacement, we lift the house then remove and replace the existing substandard foundation. For a full foundation replacement, we can lift up to three metres with the latest in jacking systems.

Concrete Slab Relevelling

King House Removals excavate around the perimeter to gain access under the concrete foundations and then carefully lift the floor and slab together in a very precise and controlled lift.

House lifting, rolling and repositioning

It’s a preferred method for moving large or older homes such as villas, heritage and character houses. It can be a great option if you are interested in subdividing your current section or repositioning an existing house on the section. It’s a safer option if your home is heritage listed and a good option with earthquake repairs. In the industry, it’s also called sliding, horizontal positioning and skidding.

Basement lifts

Have you outgrown your home but don’t want to relocate? Consider a basement lift to create space. King House Removals can lift your house and then a basement level can be built underneath, giving you adequate room for all the family and added storage.

For the reliable and expert team at King House Removals, call now on 0800 800 736 or email

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