Houses for Sale

King House Removals buy and sell houses and have a wide range of houses for sale, ready to be delivered from our bases in Invercargill and Christchurch. With over 7000 houses moved and as members of the New Zealand Heavy Haulage Association, King House Removals operate to high industry standards.

Buying a relocatable home

Buying a relocatable home can be a smart option that’s inexpensive and a sustainable alternative to building a new home. King House Removals have seen people save thousands by relocating a house onto a site instead of building new.

Things to consider before buying a relocatable home

We advise anyone who is considering buying a house for removal to check with council regulations along with any land convents. Research the costs involved and check what is required to prepare the section including foundations or piles and getting services to the section, along with any alterations or renovations.

Wanting a home? Let us know what homes are of interest, where delivery will be, and our team will soon be touch. If you have a house to sell, we can assess it for suitability as a relocatable home and arrange transportation to our Invercargill and Christchurch sites, where we keep houses in stock ready for relocation.

Contact Debbie for House Sales on 021 614 989.

King House Removals sell a wide range of relocatable houses including:

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