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King House Removals have moved over 7000 houses across the South Island and have worked on some amazing and interesting house relocation projects. We pride ourselves on being experienced, safe and reliable for our customers, delivering on time and to high standards. As long-standing members of the New Zealand Heavy Haulage Association, and designers of specialised hydraulic lifting and steering equipment, we believe in providing safe and exacting work for our clients.

To find out more about the process of having a house relocated with King House Removal, please read our client testimonials.

Jo and Richard Flanagan

We just want to record that our whole experience with King House Removals was much better than we could ever have anticipated. It began months before we were able to buy our cottage when we saw exactly what we wanted for our Clyde heritage section on your website. As you know we were devastated to learn it had just sold.

To our delight, you remembered us some 8 months later when the sale for the cottage fell through. We were on the road to Christchurch the next day! We viewed it in your yard and decided it was perfect for us and very pleased that Grant was able to visit Clyde within the week to assess and confirm our site was suitable. You very quickly provided us with all the paperwork for council and then waited patiently until we got building consent.

By this time, all of Clyde was interested in our project and many turned up for the day the house arrived. They, like us, were amazed at your expertise and thorough professionalism at squeezing the house onto our tight spot.

Your team sympathetically worked alongside heritage archaeologists who had to monitor earthworks. They commented very favourably on your professionalism. We really appreciated Grant walking us around with his team as they were cleaning up. We have already recommended Kings House Removals to several people who have inquired about our house relocation

We would like you to please use us as referees, for anyone thinking of moving a house. Our experience has been five stars. We are so lucky to have found our cottage, and so lucky to have found Kings House Removals. Thank you for being a being part of the Flanagan Clyde Project.  We look forward to seeing you when you are next in the area.

Best Wishes and sincere thanks,

Jo and Richard Flanagan

Sarah and Bill Howard – North Loburn

We were so impressed with the service we got from King House Removals. The whole process was easy and hassle free and the house was moved on schedule, in July, as promised.

Our house is a Category 2 historic building, built in 1865. The three-part move went smoothly and without a hitch. Grant and his team were very easy to work with and the guys were friendly and professional, and I felt very comfortable having them on site.

What particularly impressed us was their work ethic: they were here every day until the job was done, and they treated our house with real care which we really appreciated. To look at the newly moved house, we really can't see the joins, it's great.

With such an old house I was anxious about the move from the start but there was no need. Grant and his team were confident and extremely competent, and they obviously knew what they were doing. July was one of the wettest months on record and even though our site is pure clay, the equipment used to move the house was more than adequate for the job.

All in all, we are 100% satisfied and found the whole thing to be stress free and actually enjoyable - which we were not expecting! We would be happy to recommend you to our friends and family.

An excellent job, thank you very much.

Clive and Jen

On Wednesday morning about at about 4.45am we were woken up by a strange noise and lots of very bright lights, 'OMG the aliens have landed' I thought, I have actually lived to see it happen, you have to remember I was still half asleep, but drawing back the curtains I could see that it was my neighbour's house that had arrived, the crew quickly parked the truck up and disappeared, and all was quite again within about ten minutes.
Over the next two
days we watched the King crew position the house onto the site, you could see that the crew knew exactly what they were doing, as a retired engineer it was worth watching both men and machinery working together without putting a foot wrong.
When we found out that a relocatable was going onto the site we did not think it would be possible due to the position of the site, It was great watching your team in action.
Enclosed is a picture of the arrival, alas they were not aliens!!
You have a good crew, highly recommended.
All the best,
Clive and Jen.


I would also like to say how grateful we are for everything and putting up with all our demands with no problem you guys have meet and excided all our expectations we cannot rate you all high enough very fast honest no bull shit crew we will highly recommend you to anyone who cares to listen. the very best for all the future relocations and you may be hearing from us again soon.


Was ringing today to say thanks again for the work you guys have done for us. Received the invoice today for dropping the house - have just paid. I am so happy with the finished product and really appreciate the extra work you guys did for us.


Thanks so much for all your hard work and that of your team. When we get the house to a liveable state we will have you all around for a few drinks to check out the completed product.


F.Y.I I will be dropping off some bevees and chook for the boys to have a BBQ in the next week or two, just to show my appreciation for a smooth job well done. Grant has a great team of very skilled and competent staff. It is a credit and says a lot about those who gel them together.


Every single tradie has commented on how well the house was placed and when they were told it was Kings they have all mentioned that they know you are good. Thought you would appreciate knowing as most people don`t tell the company themselves.

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