House Removals

Save money by relocating a home

Relocating a home can be an inexpensive and sustainable alternative to building and a good option, especially for first homeowners. King House Removals are specialist in-house removals who have delivered homes throughout the South Island. Relocating a home can save you thousands, some say you can relocate a house onto a site for about half the cost of building new.

What’s the process involved in relocating a home?

King House Removals are specialists in relocating houses and large buildings throughout the South Island, with over 100 years of combined experience in the industry and over 7000 houses moved.

To help us in quoting your removal, we will need to know:

  • Where the house currently is and the proposed new site
  • Width and length of the house - if needs to be cut to transport
  • Height - roof may need lowering or power board escorts needed
  • Photos are helpful - prep work needed, cladding or chimneys to be removed?

Ready to go ahead with your house removal? You will need to:

Apply for a building consent from the local council to where your section is. It’s a good idea to check out the council’s website, most have online information on what they will require.

A general guide to the information your council may want for a house removal:

  • Site plan of the proposed building, dimensions from all boundaries 
  • Show ‘existing’ and ‘proposed’ (if relevant) floor plans/elevations 
  • Cladding systems, construction and floor height above ground level
  • Drainage plan
  • Engineers ground bearing report - If this property is located in an area with soft ground provide penetrometer tests and an investigation report from a Chartered Professional Engineers (CPEng Engineer)
  • Get a relocation report done on the house
  • Check any land convents - some subdivisions don’t allow transportable buildings


At King House Removals we do have contacts who can do all this work on your behalf, saving you the headache. Just call us today on 0800 800736.

Modernise it

Buying a used home and modernising it is a great way to save money and put your stamp on a house without the associated costs of building from scratch. Alternatively, King House Removals also offer new transportable homes that are built once ordered, so you can have a brand-new house built to specifications and transported onsite at competitive prices.

Relocate a house and create more space on your existing home

If you’re looking to extend or renovate your existing home purchasing a house for removal is a great option that could save you a lot of money and create a lot of extra space. You could lift an existing home onto a basement level, creating a two-storey home.

Create space by extending on the relocatable house

Another option with relocatable houses is if the home is delivered in two pieces, you could leave the two pieces apart and build between them creating more room and space. Some people purchase a removable home and convert the internal garage into another bedroom or lounge etc and then build on a garage or have an external one. The options are only limited by your budget and imagination!

King House Removals buy and sell houses for removal and have a wide range of houses for sale, ready to be delivered. With over 7000 homes moved and as members of the New Zealand Heavy Haulage Association, we are the experts you can trust. King House Removals operate from Invercargill and Christchurch you can see all the houses currently for sale on our website. Call King House Removals today on 0800 800736 or email

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