Clive and Jen

On Wednesday morning about at about 4.45am we were woken up by a strange noise and lots of very bright lights, 'OMG the aliens have landed' I thought, I have actually lived to see it happen, you have to remember I was still half asleep, but drawing back the curtains I could see that it was my neighbour's house that had arrived, the crew quickly parked the truck up and disappeared, and all was quite again within about ten minutes.
Over the next two
days we watched the King crew position the house onto the site, you could see that the crew knew exactly what they were doing, as a retired engineer it was worth watching both men and machinery working together without putting a foot wrong.
When we found out that a relocatable was going onto the site we did not think it would be possible due to the position of the site, It was great watching your team in action.
Enclosed is a picture of the arrival, alas they were not aliens!!
You have a good crew, highly recommended.
All the best,
Clive and Jen.

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